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more mansion houses Celebrity Dream Houses

View amazing celebrity luxury homes and houses from movies that may be for sale or rent. We were the first ever celebrity real estate app, with over 100 high quality celebrity dream homes with prices, descriptions and high resolution photos. View more Celebrity Dream Houses

more mansion houses Editor Picks

Editor Picks mansion homes are the most expensive and crazy mansions on the planet. Editor Picks are only for the best of the best multi million dollar mansions for sale and with the most luxurious interior design ever. View more Editor Picks

more mansion houses Architecture

If you like houses, you have to love unique architecture as much as Mansion Homes does. Inside this category, we have some amazing mansions with the coolest architecture with designs that will baffle, amaze and please you. Check out these unique architecture mansion homes. View more Architecture

more mansion houses Luxury Beach Homes

Mansion Homes has the most beautiful beach houses and beach mansions for sale including luxury real estate and amazing beach houses for sale. View more Luxury Beach Homes

more mansion houses Historic Mansions

Historic mansions are houses that are over at least 100 years old. Some luxury homes are designed to look like older homes, but this category is reserved for mansion homes that are historic and have great stories that go along with them. We have historic mansions for sale as well as historic luxury real estate. View more Historic Mansions

more mansion houses Mega Mansions

Mega mansions are any mansion that is significantly larger than most homes. These luxury real estate mega mansions range in square footage, but to be called a mega you should at least have 20,000 square foot of floor space. The largest homes in the United States are over 100,000 square feet! To see some of the most expensive mega mansions in the world you just need to visit this category of mansions. View more Mega Mansions

more mansion houses Most Expensive

Here are the most expensive houses and luxury real estate in the world. From the biggest and most expensive cabin mansions, to the most luxurious penthouse in the world. Visit the Most Expensive section to see the most expensive luxury homes in the world, United States and even some states. Here are inside pictures of the most expensive houses in the world. View more Most Expensive

more mansion houses Waterfront Mansions

Waterfront homes include lake houses, beach houses and any property that has an amazing view. View more Waterfront Mansions

more mansion houses Contemporary Luxury Real Estate

Contemporary design is for real the "right now" style that everyone has got to have! There are tons of luxury real estate contemporary luxury interior design photos inside this Mansion Homes special category. Contemporary is similar to modern, with strong lines, open spaces and geometric shapes. We've found the best contemporary mansions and contemporary luxury real estate. View more Contemporary Luxury Real Estate

more mansion houses Penthouses and Condos

Want the location and the luxury but don't want to worry about things like maintenance and upkeep? A luxury penthouse is just the thing for you. We've gathered the most expensive penthouses in the world for you to shop. View more Penthouses and Condos

more mansion houses Modern Mansions

Modern style architecture and design is actually a style used in the 60's that has simplified, strong lines and block shapes. Many of these homes exist in California and are highly sought after. We've scoured the globe to find you the best modern mansions for sale or rent. View more Modern Mansions

more mansion houses Castles

Interesting and historical castles are so beautiful and amazing to read about. We have many facts and figures plus stories about the most fascinating and most expensive castles in the world. Castles for sale or rent as well as historic castles. View more Castles

more mansion houses Extreme Cabins

Billionaire cabin mansions and chic new contemporary Aspen cabin homes with high quality pictures of the inside of million dollar houses and the most expensive cabins in the entire world. View more Extreme Cabins

more mansion houses Interesting and Odd Houses

Cliff houses, haunted mansions and interesting stories are what drives this category. Interesting houses and cool mega architectural marvels, if it doesn't fit into another category, but is really cool then you just have to visit the interesting and odd mansion homes page. View more Interesting and Odd Houses

more mansion houses Best Videos

These are the best luxury real estate videos and mega mansion videos available on the web. Having the best mansion movie for your real estate listing is key to attracting the right kind of lifestyle buyer. View more Best Videos

more mansion houses Ranches and Equestrian

Another popular category of Mansion Homes is our Ranches and Estates section. These are properties with land areas of considerable size, equestrian facilities and wineries. View more Ranches and Equestrian

more mansion houses Mansions for Rent

Wanna get a way for the most luxurious trip of your life? Maybe you are thinking of moving to a new city and want to try it out for a month or two before moving there, well we've got mansions and luxury homes for rent all over the world. There are even celebrity homes for rent and some celebrity landlords mixed in here. View more Mansions for Rent

more mansion houses Ultimate Kitchens

We've picked the luxury homes with the most ultimate kitchens! In this section, there are only mansion homes with the best kitchen designs. These are truly amazing luxury kitchens! View more Ultimate Kitchens

more mansion houses Famous Athlete Mansions

Athletes are bigger than ever on the field and off court because they like them big! They also seem to move alot, not sure what is up with that but we've got the best professional athlete house pictures, inside and out. View more Famous Athlete Mansions

more mansion houses Lake House Mansions

Are you looking for high quality lake house mansions for sale and rent? You've come to the right place. View more Lake House Mansions

more mansion houses Income Properties

Income properties are one of our most popular categories. We look all over the world for high quality rentals and luxury real estate that offers you an investment opportunity. These may be fixer-uppers or rentals that command a premium price tag due to location or features. View more Income Properties

more mansion houses Cape Cod Mansions

Cape Cod mansions reflect the eastern and north-eastern parts of the United States, where they get their roots from Scandinavia. Most of the settlers here were dutch and they brought their specific roof structure and highlighted trim pieces. View Cape Cod mansions and dream homes here. View more Cape Cod Mansions

more mansion houses Smart Homes

Luxury smart home technology is one of our passions and we are very excited when we find listings that have these features. Very soon smart home technology will be a requirement to even list a home on the app. View more Smart Homes

more mansion houses Private Islands

Private islands are the ultimate in beach or wilderness vacation destinations. If you are looking for supreme confidentiality and solitude, then perhaps a private island is the right choice for you. View more Private Islands

more mansion houses Country Mansions

Country setting mansions are a special featured, editorial category for mansions that have the interior design country style that is popular today. To fit in this category, mansions must be on a decent sized lot but mainly this is for the country interior design options. View more Country Mansions

more mansion houses Victorian

Victorian homes are a favorite of many Mansion Homes users, that's why we usually find one or two of these a month. Our specialists can find Victorian mansions for you, just sign up. View more Victorian

more mansion houses Treehouses

This category is for treehouse mansions and luxury homes that look like treehouses. Tree house mansions are really popular right now, especially in areas with heavy forest or conservation areas. If you want to blend into your surroundings, a tree house mansion is just what you need. View more Treehouses

more mansion houses Yacht Ready

Got a big one and need a place to park it? Only mansions with a big yacht supported back door are in this section. So just insert your big boy here and start shopping for your new yacht ready mansion for sale! View more Yacht Ready

more mansion houses Haunted Mansions

Haunted mansions are spooky, fun to look at and are some of the most interesting mansion houses in the world. We've found a few to keep you wondering, just who is knocking on the door of these haunted mansion homes. View haunted luxury mansion photos of the inside too. View more Haunted Mansions